Identity Design
Package Design

This project features the rebranding of one of my favorite lunch spots– Aladdin’s, a food vendor in the heart of Milwaukee, WI that specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. The original Aladdin’s logo was composed of multiple different colors, patterns, and even texture applications. After falling in love with the food, I became inspired to create something visually more simple and distinct to better represent their brand.
The wordmark I designed features an intriguing use of negative space in combo with organic shape language inspired by Arab typography, which bolsters the brand’s cultural significance and makes Aladdin’s stand out from their local competitors. The pictorial is a supportive element to touch on the fresh food Aladdin’s provides, most of which being naturally vegan and halal. Together, they serve as a vibrant testament to Aladdin's culinary excellence, inviting patrons to savor an experience rich in cultural significance and distinctive flair.
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